The Association For EyeSightFocus

The non-profit association The Association for EyeSightFocus was formed in August 2015 in Lund, Sweden.

Anyone can become a member,
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About the association:

The association has the purpose

To help people to use their eyesight in the best possible way by making sure that it becomes generally known
– What EyeSightFocus is, how EyeSightFocus can be used, how people can learn to maximize their natural EyeSightFocus.
– That it is possible to learn to see without glasses / lenses by learning to focus at all distances, for many of those who feel that they see better with glasses or contact lenses.
– That EyeSightFocus (the ability to focus at different distances) is a better and more important concept than visual acuity (“measured” ability to see detail) for those who want to learn to see naturally in the best way.
– That it is better to assess the ability to see by observing the different distances a person can focus on (rather than interpreting symbols of different sizes at the same distance)
– That it is good to look as much as possible on reality (it is three dimensional and “live”) with natural and varied EyeSightFocus.

The association will meet its objective by
– Providing information about the association and the association’s purpose on the website and in other contexts and in public debate.
– Organize courses, workshops, meetings and lectures led by a certified teacher or a certified coach in the methods Dr. WH Bates Method, Natural Vision Improvement and the GiveYourEyesABreak method.